Jun 5, 2024

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings . . .

1 – Are they on pitch counts?

Just wait, but if these golf commentators/analysts keep throwing golf balls to show the TV audience how the movement to the greens will challenge players, well, Tommy John surgeries will be on the rise.

2 – It was a bygone era

TV folks love to please the USGA requests to pump up the references to the battle for low amateur in our national championships. But come on, with elite amateurs making NIL money and eying pro careers when they’re 17, being low amateur when lodged in a share of 44th is not very invigorating.

3 – Not everyone has it

Rhythm and tempo are crucial to a quality golf swing. Unless it’s bad rhythm and out-of-synch tempo, at which point you might want to consider bowling.

4 – Windy issues

“How was golf?” she asked. I explained that we didn’t get the prevailing summer wind and that always makes for a tough day. Nos. 2 and 8 were three-shotters and we had to club up a couple at Nos. 5 and 14. “Oh, that’s nice,” she said. Nice? Clearly we’re on different golf planets.

5 – Let’s share the joy

With Bandon Dunes experiences coming to Colorado and Texas, with Sand Valley up and running brilliantly, with Pinehurst being Pinehurst and Streamsong quite the rage . . . well, how ‘bout an exchange program. The Scots come here for two weeks, and we go to Scotland.

6 – My favorite spot

I’m not greedy. You can have St. Andrews. Give me Gullane.

7 – Knows where to go

I’m thinking my pushcart and I have clearly spent plenty of time together. It automatically starts rolling toward the right side of the fairway without so much as a little nudge.

8 – I mean, let’s really hit the road

LIV Golf is in Houston this week, travels to Nashville in two weeks, followed a few weeks later by a trip to Andalucia. This is the “Hey, Give Our Summer Intern Willoughby A Chance At The Summer Schedule” swing.

9 – Fair trade, one for one

I’m still a big fan of the golfer who loses his ball but finds another one and so he puts that one right in play. Sense of old-school right there.