May 15, 2024

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings . . .

1 – Sort of bad timing, no?

Well, if Rory McIlroy going out and closing with 65 to win the Wells Fargo Championship by five after being snubbed by some Policy Board members makes you think anything, it is this: Too bad he didn’t get dissed going into the Masters.

2 – Communication is the key

Randall Stephenson resigned from the PGA Tour Policy board because he couldn’t support a deal with the Saudis that he felt was going to be made. Jimmy Dunne resigned from the PGA Tour Policy board because he does support a deal with the Saudis and one hasn’t been made. You just can’t make this stuff up.

3 – Should be the outlawed

Golf hat logos with ALL CAPS? My gracious, no. Not ever.

4 – Major spotlight on him

Patrick Cantlay is due to get off to a nice start and threaten to win a major. Isn’t he? In his last 18 majors he’s failed to break 70 in Round 1 and has produced two meager top 10s.

5 – Major rebuilt is required

If ever golf needed a draft, it would be this year. The Majesticks could use the top pick and a few others.

6 – Read the audience

When two players are standing over putts of similar distances, the one who asks, “me or you?” is generally antsy to putt. Is he perturbed at your pace of play? Is he cocky and thinks it’s disrespectful that you haven’t praised him for his superior position closer to the hole? Not sure, but either way he’s consumed by angst so tell him you think it’s him. Just for chuckles. If he goes, bad news for him because in that situation antsy golfers will miss 87.53 percent of the time.

7 – Got my own sense of data

Hey, don’t be looking that 87.53 figure up in some data software program. It’s not there. It is owed to my years of experience and powers of perception, which are miles better than data-driven drivel.

8 – Worth your while

Devote some of your golf-watching time to the NCAA Championships the next few weeks.

9 – Still an unwritten goal of mine

If you do not feel a sense of accomplishment with having finished with the same ball and the same tee with which you began your round, then we are on different golf planets.