Jun 7, 2023

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings . . .

1 – Sometimes, money doesn’t talk, it screams

It’s April Fools’ Day in June. The PGA Tour and LIV Golf find togetherness.

2 – Of course, a hurdle remains

Sadly, don’t look for the miracles to continue. It would take a modern-day “Camp David Accords” for Phil Mickelson and Brandel Chamblee to find peace. Not likely. After all, no one does stick-out-the-chest-and-say-I-told-you-so like Phil.

3 – Upside down

Sports in 2023 (and if you understand it, all the power to you): A young golfer who declares that he or she is a pro and maybe makes a few grand over two years has to beg to become a reinstated amateur. A young golfer who makes millions in NIL money while a collegian is an amateur.

4 – Water, not ice

We needed the rain, yes. But who ordered the June polar express, too?

5 – Dynamic start

Solheim Cup spot? It’s all yours, Rose Zhang. Anything else, beyond a moving crew to get your stuff out of that college dorm?

6 – Talk about cliches

What’s with media outlets handing out mid-season awards? How lame.

7 – Drop off, drive off

Player A drives the cart over to a ball and watches Player B play the shot. Then they drive to another ball and Player B watches Player A hit his shot. This is a violation of a federal law. At least it should be.

8 – Fairways, laddies and lassies, fairways

Oh, and just when did the golf world swallow a memory-loss pill and think it was OK to drive golf carts in the rough?

9 – Where the improbable is probable

I’m pretty sure when David beat Goliath, it was over 36 holes at a U.S. Open Final Qualifier.