May 11, 2022

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings

1 – He’ll put it to good use

For a going-away gift, how ‘bout we pitch in and buy Sergio Garcia a spittoon?

2 – It’s a byproduct of skipping spring

Remember, the first person who complains about it being too hot gets a three-stroke penalty. Severe, I know, but it’ll be deserved.

3 – You cannot be serious

Please tell me you don’t use a pastel tee – or worse yet, a neon green one.

4 – Oldie but goodie

If you don’t take four golf balls at the first tee and toss them in the air to determine partners, you’re missing great flavor.

5 – The score is all you need

Irrelevant golf stats outnumber pertinent golf stats by 15-1 margin.

6 – I’m begging here

Cool photos of golf holes on Instagram are quite welcomed. But unless you can produce documentation that 50 or more people truly care where in the heck you’re playing golf – especially if it’s a media day – spare the social media world.

7 – Forget the PR spin

Regarding LIV defectors, when you’re talking numbers, it ain’t the world ranking, it’s the age. Far less impactful to lose a 43-year-old with fading skills than a 26-year-old with much upside.

8 – Will look the other way, thank you

I imagine there’s a reason for iron covers. But I just don’t care to hear it.

9 – It’s them, not me

Referencing casual observations from more than 45 years of this great game, my opinion: 86 percent of golfers who say they aren’t slow, are slow.