Dec 1, 2021

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings

1 – They won’t listen to him

Tiger concedes he will accept the “reality” that he’ll never be the same player again. There will be many in the media who will choose to speculate otherwise.

2 – “The Shoe” rules

My rudimentary data compiled through Twitter glances indicates that the 80thbirthday of “Shoe,” the Director of Outdoor Happiness at Bandon Dunes, stirred the golf community 100 times more than that fraudulent excuse of a head-to-head competition. For good reason; he’s genuine.

3 – So hard to decide

Did Brooks’ smugness overpower Bryson’s arrogance? Or was Bryson’s ego a detriment against Brooks’ cockiness?

4 – You can come down now

Speaking of Bryson, is he still hitting golf balls from the top of a skyscraper?

5 – Easy to fall in love

If, as you tap out on the 18th hole, you are enveloped by a forlorn sense of separation and you cannot wait to play again, score a victory for golf. It’s got you.

6 – GIR, TGIR, it doesn't matter

Temporary greens elude me as agonizingly as the real ones.

7 – No worries, just a few dents

The basement floor is rolling about 14. That’s bad news for the baseboard radiators, which will take a beating.

8 – It’s all about the fade

Suggestion was made to put Christmas tree in a different spot this year. Rejected it. I prefer to have tree on left side of room, leaving area to right more open. You should have seen the look I got.

9 – Making the drive enjoyable

I used to count license plates on lengthy highway drives. Now, I gaze longingly at golf courses I pass and picture myself playing there.