Nov 24, 2021

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings

1 – Winner and still champ

Apparently, this new PIP (Player Impact Program) won’t be made public, but after his video went viral last week, let’s go and give the top prize to Tiger Woods. Given that it’s $8 million, guess what, you could say it’s his 11th money title – this time without hitting a competitive shot.

2 – If I may

Not to go Martin Scorsese on you, Tiger, but that video would have been better had Joe LaCava been filmed fielding your shots in a baseball glove without moving.

3 – Keep them within reach

Yes, take your clubs out of your car trunk and store them somewhere warm. But don’t say you’ve “put them away” or we can’t be friends.

4 – Confounding

Lexi Thompson winning just twice in 72 starts over the last four seasons (0-for-her-last-42) is difficult to reconcile. Maybe putting does matter.

5 – It’s an easy pass

Let “The Match” begin? I’m thinking more like, let “The Match” be over.

6 – Give this a watch, however

Dennis Walters’s story remains inspirational, 47 years since that tragic accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. “Get A New Dream: The Dennis Walters Story” is on The Golf Channel at 5 p.m. Wednesday and deserves your time.

7 – Fly-overs rule

Every golf course should own a drone for showing off the product to members and visitors.

8 – Simply the best

I’m still debating who get the second and third spots, but the No. 1 sage in golf is unquestioned. It’s Jack Burke Jr.

9 – Just pop the trunk

It’s more than all right to change your shoes in the parking lot. It’s natural. It’s cool. It’s Trevino-like.