Jul 10, 2024

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings . . .

1 – Rev those engines

Have plans for the Duck Boat parade to honor Keegan Bradley’s Ryder Cup captaincy been announced?

2 – Behavioral issues

If you are using long, plastic tees at par-3s, you need counseling. Should you opt to leave said long, plastic tee in the ground at par-3 tee boxes, you need to quit golf and take up bocce or pickleball or perhaps badminton.

3 – Well, would you?

Like, dude, would you use a 6-inch common nail to hang a calendar on the wall?

4 – Slogan fits

Sergio Garcia: Golf, but whinier.

5 – Holes in clothing plans

Just wondering, but when those apparel companies “script” outfits for their guys at majors, what happens to the Saturday and Sunday digs when there is a missed cut? Do they carry over to Thursday and Friday of the next major?

6 – No respect

Used one of those fandangle scoring programs to punch in my tournament scores. I put down my three-hole stretch – 3 4 3 – and the auto-correct mechanism spit back, “you’re kidding; don’t you mean 5 7 4?”

7 – On a very bright note

If your hydrangeas are not pulsating purples and blue this summer, it’s on you. Mother Nature gave you the perfect combination of weather patterns.

8 – Adjustments must be made

Should you embrace Vision 54, take note it is not conducive to 18-hole par 3s courses. At that point, use Vision 36 . . .

9 – At least we hope so

RIP Task Force.