May 24, 2023

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings . . .

1 – Mr. Insider

A few years ago Phil Mickelson was ordered to sit with the SEC’s Enforcement Division. Recently he met with the U.S. Department of Justice. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he’s on speed dial with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and has standing meetings with the Federal Reserve Board.

2 – They will seek you out

Bunkers are like cats. They can sense if you don’t like them. And you know what that means.

3 – Relics

Where there’s a will, there just might be a set of old blades. You likely can’t hit them, but they are beautiful things to behold.

4 – Coincidence? Or not?

Just wondering, but did club pro Michael Block draw exorbitantly more attention because a golfer from the evil LIV won the PGA Championship? Any chance?

5 – At least in my rule book

It’s that time of year, folks, given that it’s the official food of golfers making the turn. So, here’s a reminder that ketchup on hot dogs is a two-stroke penalty.

6 – He’s been there

Brooks Koepka could have a conversation with John Daly about being a major champion denied a spot on the Ryder Cup team. Twice it happened to JD.

7 – Your search could be over

Here’s a good reason why you should wear that suit a little more often. You very likely will find that pair of reading glasses that you’re missing. (Doesn’t have anything to do with golf, so consider it a PSA.)

8 – Stop being a grump

What’s with PGA Tour pros tossing balls into the water after they’ve made a bogey or worse? You don’t want it, fine. Give it to a young golfer in the crowd who could find a nice home for a ball that did nothing wrong.

9 – And a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a . . .

This is the proper way to make a four on your scorecard – 4. Don’t give me that upside down chair stuff.