Aug 3, 2022

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings

1 – That’s his major

Wait till Charles Howell discovers that LIV Golf doesn’t stop in at Waialae CC.

2 – Sing the praises

Brown grass is beautiful.

3 – A European vacation

France for a week, Scotland for two, then another in Northern Ireland. You can book through a travel agent, of course. Or secure yourself an LPGA card.

4 – Overselling himself

Laughable, hearing it said that Brooks Koepka deserves to be paid like a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Unless it’s Jim McMahon circa 1985-86. That might do. Brash, cocky. About $900,000 per season. Yeah, good fit.

5 – If you’re on time, you’re late

Proper arrival at the golf course is one hour before your tee time.

6 – Sounds funny, I know

A good shot with a bad swing is better than a bad shot with a good swing.

7 – Golf Fact 101

It’s impossible to two-putt from 35 feet when you’re thinking, “this is a three-putt coming up.”

8 – No wonder he joined LIV

Heard that Patrick Reed got millions and millions of dollars – plus five dozen transferrable plugged lies to use wherever.

9 – Either way, a format to embrace

Foursomes sounds way cooler than calling it alternate-shot.