Mar 15, 2023

Jim McCabe's front 9 musings

1 – No messing with this legend

No one rolled the ball back on Titanic Thompson.

2 – Just a bad, bad look

If caddie and player both do AimPoint from inside of 5 feet and the putt is missed, the team forfeits the right to do it again the rest of the round. It’s a new entry to my Rules of Golf.

3 – Breaking news . . . not

If you believe all these Tweeters, literally everyone has the “scoop” on equipment news. They don’t.

4 – Don’t be silly

Pssst, unless you know of players who’ve asked the PGA Tour to lower purses exponentially, it is about the money.

5 – He won't give it up

Friend called. All he cares about is whether the USGA considers his ball retriever a 15th club.

6 – No one better

If empowered to bring one player back to the PGA Tour, for pure pleasure, it would be the late Bruce Lietzke.

7 – Not in step

So, the Policy Board of the PGA Tour disagrees with the Player Advisory Council on this small-field, no-cut business. Further proof that golf is not a team game.

8 – Jarring, nonetheless

Not that it wasn’t expected, but official notice just arrived from the USGA and R&A. I’m not an elite player. Equipment changes don’t apply.

9 – There is a bright spot, though

Best part of my game? Glad you asked. I make a wonderful PB & J sandwich.